Nautical charts and publications

Unimars Navigation, a company supplying nautical charts and publications to ships, was established in 1999 on the basis of the Cartography Division of the Latvian Shipping Company. 
Currently, Unimars Navigation is a successful, dynamically developing enterprise, which is:
•  The official sub-distributor of Bogert-Martin NV company
•  IMO distributor
•  ITU distributor
and provides a full range of services, including:
•  Maintaining ship collections.
•  Printing Norway and BA navigation charts.
•  Offers AVCS services and convenient ECDIS.
•  Offers digital publications e-NP, ADP, Witherby Seamanship Library eReader for IMO and other digital publications.
•  Nautical chart proofreading.
•  Worldwide delivery of necessary charts and publications, including conventional materials,
and also offers literature published by:
•  The British Admiralty
•  IMO
•  ITU
•  Other organizations
Unimars Navigation has accomplished the successful project “Jauni jūras karšu produkti” (“New products of marine cartography”). The project was implemented between March and December 2011 with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund, contract LJ-384N.